8 Jul 2016

Echoes and Dust interviews Teeth of the Sea

It reads:

Interview  with Sam & Mat from Teeth Of The Sea
By Tim Forster

A few months ago I went down to The Lexington in that London to see White Hills, the special guests were a band I had heard of but not heard, Teeth Of The Sea. I’m so glad I got there early! Teeth Of The Sea were amazing! They’re either very danceable rock or very rocky dance I’m not sure which but so intense and exciting! (We have described them elsewhere in these pages as ‘disco music for the end of the world’ – Ed.) They self describe as ‘an incendiary sound that marries the aural enlightenment of an avant-garde sensibility with the reckless abandon of trashy rock & roll’ (1) Seeing the wide demographic present in the audience busting some moves as their set progressed was…err…interesting!

TOTS is comprised of Mat Colgate, Mike Bourne, Sam Barton and Jimmy Martin (2), they formed in 2006 and released their first album Orphaned By The Ocean in 2009. They’ve since released three subsequent albums (3). After the gig we chatted about the possibility of an interview and over time it happened!

(((o))): You’ve been together about 10 years now and produced four full length albums Orphaned by the Ocean, Your Mercury, Master, and last year’s Highly Deadly Black Tarantula. Do you feel each one is a shift in style and feel? Is each album distinct or are there continuities that spill over?…

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