28 Oct 2017

Rocket Twenty – Line-up announcement on Thursday

We are announcing the line-up for our Twentieth Anniversary event at lunchtime on Thursday (2nd Nov)...we can't wait to share it with you!

Rocket Recordings Twenty
9/10/11 March 2018
The Garage / London

Tickets are available now: Alt Tickets

#RocketTwenty ---

27 Oct 2017

The Goat 'Fuzzed in Europe' Out Today

The Goat Live album 'Fuzzed in Europe' exclusively on Rocket is released today and is available on Green Splatter vinyl and digital formats.

The Ltd Green Splatter will be available in all good indie shops.

"Levitates reality into the heavens" Soundblab 9/10

Listen to a little taster here: Rocket Youtube

Buy download: iTunes

Stream: Spotify

Store:  Bandcamp


The press release reads:

When the masked Swedish collective Goat toured Europe in the Autumn of 2016 to promote their then recently released third album Requiem - the band came up with the idea to record every show. 

On returning back to their home town of Korpilombolo, Goat painstakingly went through all the recordings and have to picked out 6 tracks to be released on for limited live album Fuzzed in Europe.

Goat picked these 6 tracks in particular as they are different versions to what is found on the releases the songs originally came from and the band liked the idea that these versions are documented onto vinyl.

Goat’s live reputation is second to none – since their first public shows in 2012 they have stunned audiences across the globe. The bands brand of dancable, tribal psychedelia is guaranteed to create mass hysteria from the wanting crowds – Goat know how to create music that is made for the ‘head’ as well as the ‘body’.

There are rumours of Goat disappearing into the hills – that they have hung up their masks now for good and have slipped away as quietly as they arrived on to the scene. Whether this is true or not, we don’t know, but even if they have or have not disbanded from public view, this is a great document of their immersive power to cherish, it celebrates band completely at the top of their game.

The eye popping beautiful artwork for Fuzzed in Europe was created by the great poster artist Adam Pobiak – who has worked with everyone from Soundgarden to the Justice and Swans to Flaming Lips.

The ltd LP is released ltd to 2,250 copies worldwide and comes in two different colour variants ('Exploding sun' splatter – Rocket shop exclusive / 'Green & Black' splatter - Indie shop exclusive) – it will also be available digitally.


26 Oct 2017

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation play Mirrors Festival this Saturday

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation follow last weekends three shows with a trip to London for Mirrors Festival in Hackney

The are playing St Johns at 5:30pm

Don't miss...band are on fire right now!

Tickets/Info: Mirrors


23 Oct 2017

Echoes and Dust reviews Goat's Fuzzed in Europe

It reads:

On October 27th Rocket Recordings will be releasing a limited edition vinyl and digital recording of six live tracks recorded by Goat during their 2016 tour, promoting their third album Requiem. (This being Rocket Recordings the physical album comes in very tempting coloured vinyl options, so hurry!) The six tracks included have been chosen by the band as they are markedly different from the studio recordings and show the band at the full extent of their powers.

I was lucky enough to catch them live earlier this year, and for me, it’s where the band really make sense, their performance turning me from mildly appreciative into a proper fan of the band. Goat’s heady live mix of psych rock, world music, theatre and ceremony; the masks, the robes, and the dervish-like lead singers all combined to give me the chills in a similar fashion as to when I used to see Jane’s Addiction during their heyday. It’s more than rock a show, cult-ish but inclusive, a celebration of otherness and the mysteries of the universe...

Read the full review here: E&D


22 Oct 2017

Soundblab gives Goat's Fuzzed in Europe a 9/10 review

It reads:

I went through a tough period of my life when I really disliked Sir Isaac Newton. Obviously, I never met the guy, but he did lay gravity and calculus on the world. And he just seemed to me to be the kind of person who wanted nothing more than to figure everything out and take the surprise out of life. I bad-mouthed him to anyone who would listen. But then, and this was a pleasant surprise, I found out he spent most of his time with alchemy, which is the art of taking basic stuff and magically transforming it into gold.

That’s what ritual does: It levitates reality into the heavens.

And the music of Goat is very ritualistic. It levitates us all into the heavens. Their first record, World Music, is a classic of powerful guitar rock, folk artifacts, ethnic percussion, harmonized and chanted female vocalizing, and psychedelic wah wah sounds. The album has alchemy in its grooves. It’s in the tradition of other Swedish greats such as Archimedes Badkar, Kebnekaise, and Algarnas Tradgard who all specialized in breaking the sound barrier of world music boundaries. A second album Commune followed with more of the same, with, perhaps the rough rock edge diminished a bit in favor of magical harmonized guitar work. It did, however, provide the ears of the world with the song “Talk to God” which is pretty much the band’s intent and, by the way, also the purpose of ritual...

Read it in full here: Soundblab


20 Oct 2017

Josefin And The Liberation play Ritual Union Festival this weekend

This weekend see's Josefin Öhrn​ play 2 gig for Ritual Union Festival:

Friday night (20th) the band plays 'The Cookie' in Leicester:

Then Saturday 21st October Ritual Union Festival in Oxford:

Tickets/info here:
Ritual Union
See Tickets


Ray Mang and Bill Brewster Remix Josefin And The Liberation 'Rushing Through My Mind'

Ray Mang and Bill Brewster have turned Josefin And The Liberation kraut-pop tune 'Rushing Through My Mind' into a baggy, Manchester '89-style anthem.

Listen to the Rushing Through My Mind (Mang Dynasty Extended Version) Remix here:

Resident Advisor


KURO feature on BBC Radio 3 Late Junction

This weeks excellent BBC Radio 3 show 'Late Junction' have been kind enough to play some KURO.  Nick Luscombe sits in and plays KURO alongside of Witch, Robert Wyatt, Four Tet and Radiophonic music plus much much more.

You can listen to the show here: Late Junction


18 Oct 2017

The Dead Albatross Music Prize Rocket 'Twenty' Mix

We are on the way to reaching 'Twenty' next year, to help us start celebrating the coming year, Chris Rocket has selected 'Twenty' tracks for The Dead Albatross Music Prize guys.

01 Arbete Och Fritid - Ostpusten Västpusten
02 Edip Akbayram – Deymen Benim Gamlı Yaslı Gönlüme
03 The Underdogs – It’s a blessing Wasting my time
04 Niagara – Amarelo
05 Gnoomes – Myriads of Bees
06 Not Waving – Redacted 7
07 Bitchin Bajas – No Tabac
08 Sunroof – Zero
09 Crass – Securicor
10 USA/MEXICO – Laredo
11 Golden Teacher – Dante and Pilgrim
12 Mamuthones – The Wrong Side
13 Ved – Questions for L Ron
14 Fred Bigot – Tertiary
15 Hills – Are you Real
16 Funkadelic – Rat Kiss the cat on the navel
17 Musi O Tanya – Shuka
18 Orange Peel – I got no Time
19 Ning – Machine
20 Flowers Must Die – Why

Listen to the amazing whole mix here, you won't be disappointed: 

Dead Albatross


As a reminder of our celebration come along to this:

Rocket Recordings Twenty
9/10/11 March 2018
The Garage – London

2018 sees Rocket Recordings turn 20 and to celebrate this landmark we are teaming up with DHP and Baba Yaga's Hut to host a very special weekender featuring appearances from most of Rocket's current roster of bands. The event will take place at London's famous 'The Garage' in Highbury & Islington.

Full line up will be announce in a couple of months, but be assured all your fave Rocket bands will be playing!

Weekend tickets are available from: alttickets


17 Oct 2017

Watch KURO live footage from The Victoria for Chaos Theory


Gigantic gives Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation their thumbs-up

Gigantic gives Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation their thumbs-up as bands to see at the up-and-coming Mirrors festival.

It reads:

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation
Taking inspiration for their name from the Tibetan Book Of The Dead, Josefin Öhrn heads up an incredible crew of musicians. Their debut EP ‘Diamond Waves’ saw them nominated for a Swedish Grammy for exhibiting such fascinating sonic experimentation.

Read more here: Gigantic


11 Oct 2017

Hicky Sonic reviews Hey Colossus in Birmingham

It reads:

The night has already proved a runaway success but the best is yet to come. It is an absolute joy to see Hey Colossus again. Tiny doubts that they might, despite the evidence of ‘The Guillotine’, miss Jonathon’s sparkling guitar parts or that maybe the full force noise of the evening’s entertainments thus far might make their shorter, more melodic songs, that now even have audible lyrics, seem a bit timid are immediately and comprehensively steamrollered by ‘Honest To God’ and a massive, rattling ‘Back In The Room’. They are ferociously loud and exhilarating, a tremendous amount of love flows back towards the stage. Sykes is in boisterous form, even managing to break a mic stand. As always I’m struck by how the separate parts combine with such elegance to build the colossus and set it stomping around the room. There’s complexity and richness in the texture of their roaring noise. The set draws heavily on ‘The Guillotine’ but stretches back across the last few remarkable albums (not quite back to the recently re-issued ‘Happy Birthday’), finishing on a punishingly great ‘Okktave Dokktor’ by the end of which I’m convinced it’s the best show I’ve ever seen them play. Honest To God.

Read the full review here: Hicky Sonic


9 Oct 2017

We have buried an LP

We received an LP that came wrapped in a sack from the Belgium band Briqueville with the instructions to bury it somewhere and share it’s location online.

So, that is what we have done.
And as a little extra, we have also included a couple of rocket promos within the sack…

The image above shows a visual reference to it’s location, plus we have put three black cable ties on the branch exactly above where it is buried.

It’s coordinates are:
51°33’49” N / 0°1’20” W

And as another visual clue the area it has been buried can be seen in the new video by H.U.M: Welcome to The Sea

Happy hunting


Supersonic review Hey Colossus Birmingham show

It reads:

...And then we arrived at the final onslaught from Hey Colossus and I have to admit by this point I can’t remember song titles. But I can recall the visceral energy being thrashed about from stage to punter, stage to punter like playing tennis with a meteorite. I clambered up the stairs to watch it from above and witnessed a writhing dark mass below being swaddled in an unrelenting minimalist pounding of distortion with pulsating high hats (Back in the room?! I’m guessing…) interjected with terror inducing vocals.

I’m trying to avoid genre here as much as I can as Hey Colossus are a guitar band which essentially just play all the good bits of all the good guitar genres, averted to sitting still. To put it in movement terms, they induce from the audience anything from bottom-of-the-pint-staring-head-hanging to look-at-all-these-bright-lights-i-can’t-make-out-what-sounds-coming-from-where dancing. With that I look above in to the Digbeth sky at some ominous dark clouds eyeing us up for a pounding – but it’s alright I figure, what with the colossal onslaught being shot up into the air, no chance mate...

Read the full review here: Supersonic


6 Oct 2017

Shit and Shine reveal video for new EP on Rocket

We are extremely excited to reveal the video for the title track off a new 3 song Shit & Shine EP called 'That's Enough'. The Rocket Shop exclusive EP is released on 10 November and is available to preorder now from here: Rocket Bandcamp

Or you can preorder DL here: iTunes

Watch the 19 minute video for 'That's Enough' above.

The Quietus's John Doran said this when he heard the track:
"This title track is immense. Blowing my balls clean off."


Press release reads:

Hot on the heels of Shit & Shine’s ‘Total Shit’ album on Powell’s Diagonal label, the band return with a new three track EP, their third release for Rocket Recordings called ‘That’s Enough’.

For the uninitiated, the Austin based band Shit & Shine have been creating mutant, repetitive, technofied noise for labels such as Mego, Riot Season, Gang Signs, Load and the afore mentioned Diagonal since 2004.

It is always hard to describe exactly what each Shit & Shine release sounds like as they are a band who treats each record  as it’s own entity and so their sound changes dependant on  their mood at the time of making it, but whatever that mood is, it will always be something thrilling and uniquely original.

The three tracks on ‘That’s Enough’ EP (that clock in at just  under 40 minutes) ‘sort of’ sound like what would happen if  The Necks got trapped in a lift with the Butthole Surfers and Schwefelgeb for 12 hours. And after they manage to get out,  the Australian 3-piece return to their studio to discover their instruments have been stolen and replaced by some fuzzy  synths and a laptop - the resulting music they would make  could possibly sound something like this...or in fact, maybe nothing like this?

Shit & Shine are heading over to the UK for shows this October:
11 / Switzerland / Geneve / Cave 12 
12  / Switzerland / Lausanne / Lebourg
13 / Switzerland / Schaffhausen / Tabtap
14 / Italy / Verona / Colorfico Kroen
15 / Slovenia / Ljbujana / Club Gromka
16 / Italy / Milan / Macao
17 / Germany / Koln / Sonicballroom
18 / Germany / Leipzig / Ut Connewitz
19 / Czech Republic / Prauge / Punctum
20 / Germany / Berlin / Urban Spree
22 / UK / London / Cafe Oto


4 Oct 2017

Housewives play special show at CGP Gallery this Saturday

Housewives have been announced to play a special show this Saturday at CGP Gallery in South East London, joining DJ Mira Calix and many others...

All info about the event can be seen here: CGP


Soundblab reveal H.U.M video 'Welcome To The Sea'

The good people at Soundblab have revealed the H.U.M video 'Welcome To The Sea' taken from last years 'Trinity Way' album.

Watch and Listen to the track here: Soundblab

The album is available to buy H-U-M


2 Oct 2017

New Flowers Must Die offshoot Chicxulub reveals track and show

Rickard from Flowers Must Die has revealed a new solo project called Chicxulub.

You can listen to a first improvised jam above and Chicxulub have been announced to play a show with teh great In Zaire at London Fields Brew House on 20 November:

Terrascope and AcemanSpaceman present:

In Zaire
Psychic Lemon

The Brewhouse
20 November

More info here: Terrascope


Silent Radio say some words about Liverpool Psych Fest

It reads:

Things are about to get nasty. GNOD take over in District, menacingly preparing their instruments to inflict full damage. For a while I felt their music has lived by their name – Got No Obvious Direction – and I struggled to enjoy what they were producing until the latest album. I’ve seen them support at gigs a few times and they’ve left me perplexed; repetitive beats and noises failed to maintain interest as they paraded around the stage in bizarre budget costumes, as if performing some sort of religious cult ceremony. ‘Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine’ changed all that, connecting with me on a political level as well as containing more musical sustenance.

They start tonight by jamming a ferocious beat accompanied by a wall of guitar sound that bubbles with sinister intent, but fails over time to explode into the kind of hedonistic and eye-opening mayhem that is promised. The diminutive singer would generally cut a less threatening figure than the rest of the band were it not for his over-sized Parka that has a huge fur-lined hood, and his incoherent wails and manic gesturing. The violent thrashing of instrument around him would cause ears to bleed if the amps were any more powerful. The last two songs are easier to make out and are much the better for it – ‘Paper Error’ and highlight ‘Bodies For Money’ ignite the mosh-pit, releasing 30 minutes worth of pent-up energy and frustration. Maybe that was the idea all along? “You can keep your ****ing money”. It was certainly an unforgettable performance, for all the right reasons.

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs 
…the evenings chaos, kicking off with Newcastle’s Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs. Think of them as GNOD-lite. The lead singer is becoming agitated with the sound engineer and his shirt is off before we’ve started. Matt Baty stomps around like a demonically possessed version of Future Island’s Samuel T Herring. The queue outside runs far up the road for this, and those who managed to get inside aren’t disappointed.

Read the full review here: Silent Radio


1 Oct 2017

Rocket Probes – September playlist

Goat – Fuzzed in Europe
(Ltd LP of Goat blowing minds)

Cherrystones – ExOhSkeletons
(Another fine edit by our man Godsy…proper repetitive sci-fi protopunk!)

Joshua Abrams ‎– Magnetoception
(Another great album of repetitive jazz from Joshua Abrams and his collective) 
Joshua Abrams

Phile – Marauder
(Atmospheric techno with a gnod to Can)

Oren Ambararchi – Hubris
(Killer album of repetition, grooves and psych soundscapes)
Oren Ambararchi 

Henry Flynt - Henry Flynt & Nova Billy
(An old fave getting some long overdue plays...Trad Gras Och, Arch and Velvets meets early Mothers (when they hit a groove) and a touch of Oneida and Arthur Russel)
Henry Flynt

Working Mens Noise Unit – Play Loud
(Readings finest's debut album...somewhere between Part Chimp and Comets on Fire, just do as they say)
Working Mens Noise Unit 

Byron Westbrook – Body Consonance
(Droning synthscape patterns...on the great Hands in the Dark)
Byron Westbrook

Briqueville ‎– II
(This record just turned up in the post wrapped up in a hessian sack with no note or anything...whoever sent it, thank you!..an nice album of fuzzed-out , doomy-rock)

Harmonious Thelonious - Defender
(Wow...sublime slice of afro-kraut-techno)
Harmonious Thelonious

White Denim – I Start To Run
(If Minutemen were making records in the early 70s it may sound like this?)
White Denim

Nurse With Wound ‎– Rock 'n Roll Station
(Repetitive story telling)
Nurse With Wound

Mountain Movers – ST
(Some really nice moments on this trad-psych album)
Mountain Movers

Dorothy Ashby – Soul vibrations
(KILLER groove)
Dorothy Ashby 

C-Schulz - Meister
(Repetitive industrial grooves)

Doug Snyder & Bob Thompson - Time Overlaps Itself
(Great avant noise rock, from the 1973 album Daily Dance)
Doug Snyder & Bob Thompson 

Killing Joke – Primitive
(Classic repetitive post punk)
Killing Joke

The Dwarfs of East Agouza  – Baka of the Future
(North African repetitions)
The Dwarfs of East Agouza

Black Deer - Pray For Us
(Hypnotic Percussion Rituals)
Black Deer

The Association - Pandora's Golden Heebie Jeebies
(Great 60's psychedelic pop tune from 1966)
The Association

Fela Kuti - Alu Jon Jonki Jon
('Fela' don't need no introduction round here)
Fela Kuti

Public Enemy - Do You Wanna Go Our Way
(The amazing 101 Strings - Flameout sample, set against Chuck's charged up rapping)
Public Enemy

Katie Day - Fear O The Dark
(Layered up electronic vocal manipulations)
Katie Day

The Flaming Lips - Five Stop Mother Superior Rain
(Slow, almost Southern Rock 1995 Flaming Lips track, taken from 'In A Priest Driven Ambulance' one of our favourites of theirs back in the day)
Flaming Lips

You can listen to our updated monthly Rocket Recordings Probes Spotify playlist here: