22 Oct 2017

Soundblab gives Goat's Fuzzed in Europe a 9/10 review

It reads:

I went through a tough period of my life when I really disliked Sir Isaac Newton. Obviously, I never met the guy, but he did lay gravity and calculus on the world. And he just seemed to me to be the kind of person who wanted nothing more than to figure everything out and take the surprise out of life. I bad-mouthed him to anyone who would listen. But then, and this was a pleasant surprise, I found out he spent most of his time with alchemy, which is the art of taking basic stuff and magically transforming it into gold.

That’s what ritual does: It levitates reality into the heavens.

And the music of Goat is very ritualistic. It levitates us all into the heavens. Their first record, World Music, is a classic of powerful guitar rock, folk artifacts, ethnic percussion, harmonized and chanted female vocalizing, and psychedelic wah wah sounds. The album has alchemy in its grooves. It’s in the tradition of other Swedish greats such as Archimedes Badkar, Kebnekaise, and Algarnas Tradgard who all specialized in breaking the sound barrier of world music boundaries. A second album Commune followed with more of the same, with, perhaps the rough rock edge diminished a bit in favor of magical harmonized guitar work. It did, however, provide the ears of the world with the song “Talk to God” which is pretty much the band’s intent and, by the way, also the purpose of ritual...

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