19 Mar 2009

Teeth of the Sea Live 20th March


Kelpe Live
The Oscillation Live
Alexander Tucker Live
The Fear Live
Cyclones Live
Teeth Of The Sea
DJ Cherrystones
Muscleheads DJ
Stuart Souter DJ

This Friday's vernal equinox promises a night of wild excitement as The Oscillation and Kelpe break from their Live slumber to play one off shows in the beguiling surroundings of Corsica Studios. They will be joined on the night by the fantastic Alexander Tucker, also two errant members of Chrome Hoof will be performing for the first time in the UK as The Fear, Teeth Of The Sea bring their post rock mariachi doom, not to mention the frenetic rock 'n' roll dervish of Cyclones. DJ support comes form Cherrystones, Muscleheads and Stuart Souter. Should you need other distractions there will also be live projections and an absinthe parlour!!!

18 Mar 2009


Coming Soon,
The Heads & White Hills Split 12" - Collisions V.1

Rocket Recordings Launch 033, Limited 12 inch LP

300 Orange & 700 Black Vinyl
Released April 20th

11 Mar 2009



I am pleased to announce that WHITE HILLS has just joined forces with the prestigious indie THRILL JOCKEY Records! We are extremely happy to be part of such an outstanding label as Thrill Jockey and look forward to long relationship with them.

Thrill Jockey will initially be releasing a vinyl version of HEADS ON FIRE. The album will also finally be available via all major online stores as well. We will be going into the studio after our upcoming European tour (all dates listed at the bottom of this email) to record our proper debut for the label. Thrill Jockey will also be distributing in North America our upcoming split LP with The Heads that Rocket Recordings is releasing this coming April. Besides that Thrill Jockey will be distributing our privately released albums Glitter Glamour Atrocity, the second pressing of the recent LP A Little Bliss Forever, and various upcoming CD-r releases.

Thrill Jockey's press release about the signing is below. Thanks to everyone for your continued support...without you we would not be here!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Thrill Jockey is pleased to announce that White Hills will be joining the Thrill Jockey roster. White Hills are Dave W., Ego Sensation, and Chris Turco. Based in New York, New York, the band has released albums for London's Rocket Recordings, Julian Cope's label Fuck Off and DI as well as several small edition CDs and LPs on Drug Space, their own label. Their debut "Glitter Glamour Atrocity" made in an edition of 1000 will be available from Thrill Jockey but there are only a few hundred left. Thrill Jockey will also be distributing their most recent LP only release "A Little Bliss Forever" whose first edition was 300. The second edition of 300 should be available in early April. Thrill Jockey will also be issuing "Heads On Fire" on LP for the first time this spring as well as distributing in North America the Rocket 12" split between White Hills and The Heads limited to 1000 copies world-wide and out late April. There is also rumored to be another White Hills / White Pee split coming on Drug Space. The last White Hills / White Pee split was encased in wood and sold out in a nano second.

White Hills debut appearance for Thrill Jockey will be on "Record Storeism" released in April. This limited LP being made for Record Store Day (silly us we thought EVERY DAY WAS RECORD STORE DAY) will also include Tortoise, Trans Am featuring Tim Soete, Mountains and Double Dagger who all contribute unreleased tracks (for more information contact Thrill Jockey). White Hills will be touring in the spring before completing their new album for Thrill Jockey.

Feb 28 Brooklyn, NY Market Hotel w/Jack Rose, Headdress
Mar 25 Brooklyn, NY Don Pedro's w/La Otracina, Headdress
Apr 4 Brooklyn, NY Union Pool w/Gunslingers, Terminal Lovers
Apr 7 New York, NY Cake Shop w/Gunslingers, Bogan Dust
Apr 23 Tilburg, Netherlands Roadburn Festival
Apr 24 Lubbenau, Germany Kulturhof w/Farflung
Apr 25 Sigharting, Austria Gasthaus Berhamer w/Farflung
Apr 26 Tuebingen, Germany Epplehaus w/Farflung
Apr 27 Furth, Germany Kunstkeller w/Farflung
Apr 28 Weimar, Germany Studentenclub Schutzengasse w/Farflung
Apr 29 Leuven, Belgium Sojo w/Farflung
Apr 30 Berlin, Germany Red Rooster Bar w/Farflung
May 1 Vienna, Austria Arena w/Farflung, Collector Base Emtter
May 2 Linz, Austria Stadtwerkstatt w/Farflung
May 6 Leiria, Portugal Orfeao Velho
May 7 Porto, Portugal Porto Rio w/Black Bombain
May 8 Lisboa, Portugal Galeria Ze Dos Bois
May 10 Geneva, Switzerland Kab-Usine
May 12 Alessandria, Italy Kluster Pub
May 13 Riva Del Garda, Italy Lochness Pub
May 14 Milano, Italy Circolo A.R.C.I Magnolia w/Midryasi
May 15 Pescara, Italy Mono Sapzio Bar w/Midryasi


2 Mar 2009


NOTHING PEOPLE – Anonymous (SS Records, 2008)

NOTHING PEOPLE – Anonymous (SS Records, 2008)

NOTHING PEOPLE hail from Orland, California and spit out a dirty disjointed sound that swirls around your head like an infectious disease. Is it psych, spacerock, post-punk, swamp rock, or lo-fi brilliance…? It’s hard to say…the thing I love about this album the most is that it draws from a number of influences but once combined it sounds fresh to these ears. It’s sleazy, it’s dirty, it’s heady, but it is all held together by excellently crafted songs that are catchy and make you want to sing and dance. Imagine if you took the Scientists, Chrome, Wire, Devo and any number of unknown Garage bands from the 60’s threw it all into a blender and turned it on…what you end up getting is NOTHING PEOPLE.

Each track on Anonymous is drenched in a murky haze of fuzz and distortion. Vocals are frosted with echo and reverb. The robotic drumming sounds like someone banging on scraps of tin and cardboard boxes. The trail of swirling synths and analog delay’s fly around like unhinged dragonflies. This is music from the dark side of your mind…queasy and uneasy, but somehow hypnotic and inviting. If this album was made in the early 80’s it would be one of those items demanding top dollar from records collector geeks today.

Anonymous is like a drug addiction. The more you listen to it the more you want to hear it. It tickles that sweet spot in your cerebellum that says repeat…repeat…repeat…more and more please. Addictive yes…harmful to the body not-so-much. Pleasure inducing… precisely. It is just what the doctor ordered, so fill your prescription and pick up a copy of this masterpiece today!

Anonymous is a limited edition release (600 copies) pressed on clear vinyl and is available from the band’s myspace page. NOTHING PEOPLE also have an extensive catalog of 45’s and CD-r’s. For more information visit the band on the web at…



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Rock Suli - Debrecen, Hungary

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