2 Mar 2009


NOTHING PEOPLE – Anonymous (SS Records, 2008)

NOTHING PEOPLE – Anonymous (SS Records, 2008)

NOTHING PEOPLE hail from Orland, California and spit out a dirty disjointed sound that swirls around your head like an infectious disease. Is it psych, spacerock, post-punk, swamp rock, or lo-fi brilliance…? It’s hard to say…the thing I love about this album the most is that it draws from a number of influences but once combined it sounds fresh to these ears. It’s sleazy, it’s dirty, it’s heady, but it is all held together by excellently crafted songs that are catchy and make you want to sing and dance. Imagine if you took the Scientists, Chrome, Wire, Devo and any number of unknown Garage bands from the 60’s threw it all into a blender and turned it on…what you end up getting is NOTHING PEOPLE.

Each track on Anonymous is drenched in a murky haze of fuzz and distortion. Vocals are frosted with echo and reverb. The robotic drumming sounds like someone banging on scraps of tin and cardboard boxes. The trail of swirling synths and analog delay’s fly around like unhinged dragonflies. This is music from the dark side of your mind…queasy and uneasy, but somehow hypnotic and inviting. If this album was made in the early 80’s it would be one of those items demanding top dollar from records collector geeks today.

Anonymous is like a drug addiction. The more you listen to it the more you want to hear it. It tickles that sweet spot in your cerebellum that says repeat…repeat…repeat…more and more please. Addictive yes…harmful to the body not-so-much. Pleasure inducing… precisely. It is just what the doctor ordered, so fill your prescription and pick up a copy of this masterpiece today!

Anonymous is a limited edition release (600 copies) pressed on clear vinyl and is available from the band’s myspace page. NOTHING PEOPLE also have an extensive catalog of 45’s and CD-r’s. For more information visit the band on the web at…