31 May 2017

Whispering and Hollerin gives Hey Colossus's The Guillotine 9/10

It reads:

Following the stop-gap compilation release of ‘Dedicated To Uri Klangers (2003 - 2013)’ in December, Hey Colossus return with their first new album since ‘Radio Static High’ and ‘In Black and Gold’ (both 2015)… Actually, five months is hardly a stop-gap, is it? Just as two years between albums is no time when singles and EPs are also being slipped out systematically. How do they do it?

‘The Guillotine’ is pitched as being ‘darker and more brooding than their last two records’, as well as being ‘perhaps their most richly melodic to date’. But don’t expect any immediate, mellow, or overtly tuneful pop tunes here. Opener ‘Honest to God’ is a windy, trippy tremolo-fest that breaks into a mess of Melvins-style distortion, and from the outset, ‘The Guillotine’ has some serious heft – as we’ve come to expect from Hey Colossus. In short, it doesn’t disappoint and is plenty heavy. Against that expectation however, ‘Calenture Boy’ is possessed of a lilting, chiming tunefulness that’s almost shoegazey post-rock in flavour...

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