11 May 2017

The Monitors reviews Gnod's "Just say no..."

It reads:

Hello my dear friend, confidant, comrade. I write to you at a stage in 2017 where we are socially and politically in a very precarious position. With the upcoming election and on-going ‘Brexit’ deal, things have the potential to go a wee bit pear-shaped over the next few months; and by ‘pear-shaped’ I mean ‘really fucking tits up’.

Now, that might not be your fault (maybe it is) but whether or not you choose to involve yourself in politics you can still make a difference, the world doesn’t have to go down the shitter. We can still make things right by making the right choices, and Gnod are here to offer up help and advice.

Gnod have always been a band to push the listener with their music, but this time round they also provoke with a title that is as stark and antagonistic as the music within – deep breath here – Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine.

If you think that’s a mouthful try typing it out. Which I will do, in full, throughout this review. No corners cut on my part, Gnod deserve the full typed-out treatment...

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