8 May 2015

The Quietus reviews our Gnod + Anthroprophh show in Bristol

Gnod & Anthroprophh 
Danny Riley attends a Buckfast-fuelled Rocket Recordings night in Bristol

There's a misconception that the Bristol music scene amounts to little more than beats and bass – a prolonged hangover from trip hop and dubstep; music for MDMA-bombing students and white people with dreadlocks. Yet for years there's been a strong undertow of music that exists outside the parameters of club-orientated 'bass music', a raft of labels and promoters who aim to bring something more idiosyncratic to the city. Invada have been doing well with their OST releases, whilst upstarts Howling Owl are making waves with their roster of noisy rock and electronic acts. Perhaps most visibly, local psych label Rocket Recordings have made the leap from relative obscurity with a runaway success in Goat.

Tonight's gig illustrates perfectly Bristol's healthy appreciation for alternatives to rumbly dance music, with what was originally to be a mighty triple-header of some of Rocket Recordings' finest bands: noisy kraut-droners Anthroprophh, sonic terrorists $hit & $hine and unfettered innerspace voyagers Gnod. Due to unfortunate technical difficulties, $hit & $hine have cancelled, but their absence is not to take the metaphorical shine of the event, a friendly BYOB (mainly Bring Your Own Buckfast) event in The Old Malt House studios. Organised by excellent promoters Cacophonous Sarcophagus, who have been putting together excellent bills of free electronics, demented psych and myriad hues of esoteric doom-drone in the crypt of Bristol's St Thomas the Martyr church for some time now, the night had an atmosphere of friendly inclusion, with members of Thought Forms and Beak> in attendance, and no doubt helped along by the plentiful supplies of shop-bought booze….

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