25 Feb 2013

Guardian claims Gnod's Vision of Load, the best track out of the UK in February

Yes, you read that right, The Guradian has put Gnod's Vision of Load in their monthly 'Best music from around the globe' feature. The feature is where they pick 1 track from each country from around the world, and like some twisted Eurovision Song contest, England's entry is Gnod's Vision of Load.

The idea of Gnod representing England on the global stage for anything makes us very happy indeed, as they are true ambassadors for what is good in the world :)

This is what they say:

ENGLAND: The Guardian Music Blog
GNOD - Visions Of Load
Taken from GNOD's forthcoming album Chaudelande (released on February 25 by Rocket Recordings), Visions Of Load captures neatly - that is to say, powerfully and sprawlingly - the krautrockin', shoegazin', prog-metallic sludginess of this Salford band at their most freakily magnificent. "It recalls Can's ga-ga go-go music while the singer yelps like Alan Vega doused in even more echo," said our New Band of the Day writer, who nevertheless promised that, notwithstanding the far-out sonics and instrumental melee, you could still dance to it. He just didn't specify what type of shoes you might need.

You can see the full feature here: The Guardian