23 Feb 2010

Rocket Probes Feburary 2010 Playlist

Sun Araw – Sun Ark
(More dubbed out psych from our favourite!!!)

Electric Masada - At the Mountains of Madness

(John Zorn's 'Bitches Brew' styled spacey and heavy jammed jazz improv and rock-styled grooves)

Alan Silvestr - Predator OST

(Primal racing action cues & suspenseful preparation material)

Dark - Round the Edges

(Killer fuzz drenched proto-prog from the early 70's)

Sighting - City of Straw

(Thanks to Manish for this Oneida Kid Millions and Shahin Motia produced avant noise bruiser!)

Steve Maxwell Von Braund - Monster Planet

(Australian repetitive electronic music in an Ash Ra Tempel, Hawkwind vein)

Various – African Scream Contest

(Finally found this great compilation of afro rock/funk on double vinyl)

Whisper Room – Birch White

(Nice atmospheric post rock in a Bark Psychosis sort of way with a bit of added motorik...perfect soundtrack to a rainy bus journey through a darkened city)

Ben Frost – By the Throat

(Really nice fuzzy electronica-doom cinemascapes)

Annapurna Illusion – TBC

(We received some amazing tracks from the man behind High Wolf who puts his stuff out on the great Not Not Fun records....really amazing contemporary kosmiche tracks....watch this space!!)