25 Apr 2017

Plenirockium interviews Flowers Must Die about their new album

It reads (English translation in Comments section):

The multicoloured blooming of the Swedish underground scene still attracts us to contemplate another splendid reality: Flowers Must Die highlighted in Plenirockium’s recent chronicles and playlists. The upcoming release of their fourth album ‘Kompost’ be worth the desire to know their experience, their journey, what has musically nourished them. A pleasant converstation via web with Rickard Daun who guides us in the tale starting from the introductions…

FMD (RD) Rickard Daun, synth, voice, horns and various gadgets. Jonas Höglund, guitar, vocals and synths. Sven Walan, guitar, voice, organ. Martin Daun, bass. Lars Hoffsten, drums, percussions and then the latest member Lisa Ekelund who joined two years ago, vocals, violin and theremin.

I had played in a free form noise-experimental band called Fria Konstellationen and Jonas had a lo-fi indie-rock band called The Greatest Of All Time and together we had a duo called DAUN. Both Jonas and Martin have played with Fria Konstellationen at some point.

We all lived in Linköping, but as members started to move from the town, we started Flowers Must Die as a side project around 2006. Me and Jonas wanted to do more hard rock based music combined with repetitive drones and minimalistic rock...

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