29 May 2018

Dayz of Purple and Orange reviews Lay Llamas album ‘Thuban’

It says:

This is one album that I have been eagerly awaiting since it was first mooted ages ago. As regular readers will know, my love of the Italian 'scene' is deep and of the many bands that are currently wowing people, Lay Llamas are one that can lay claim to being a band that has pushed this scene to the front of peoples' minds. Their debut on Backwards Records back in 2012 was a masterful mix of tribal psychedelia, krautrock and mutated afrobeat...a masterpiece in anyone's book. They followed this with 'Østrø' on Rocket Recordings which exposed them to a bigger audience...throw into the mix a truly wonderful split tape with Tetuan on Artetetra and you have a band with an extremely strong back catalogue. This time around, however, it is a paired down band with Gioele Valenti leaving to follow his own destiny with the (equally) fantastic JuJu and so leaving Nicola Giunta to take the helm singlehandedly...and what a spectacularly fine job he has done! 'Thuban' ("named after the Arabic for ‘snake’ also known as Alpha Draconis, and sometimes as the ‘dragon’s tail’... was the star closest to the North pole from the fourth to the second millennium BC") sees Giunta team up with some musical heavyweights along the way - Clinic, Goat and Mark Stewart all appear and all make telling contributions to what is undoubtedly one of the albums of the year…

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