9 May 2018

Drowned in Sound reviews GNOD's Chapel Perilous

It reads:

Gnod take inspiration for their latest from the writings of Robert Anton Wilson. In his book Cosmic Trigger he described a state whereby a person fails to ascertain whether something is supernatural or a product of their imagination. He argued such a quandary led that person either to agnosticism or paranoia.

Gnod could arguably be charged with both outcomes. Depending on your viewpoint, of course, the political fissions that charged Just Say No To the Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine were far from the musings of delusional minds. Rarely has a band so successfully conjured the piss and bile that bubbles up in your belly in the face of crumbling notions of justice, fairness, and plain old decency. Equally, throughout their lifetime it's felt a fairly safe bet that Gnod don't answer to any higher power other than the unholy commotion they produce.

The idea of the supernatural converging with the every day seems a prescient notion, and one Gnod is a band undoubtedly well equipped to broach, as its a position their music seems to come from. Gnod make psychedelic music no doubt, but it also has a brutalism that feels all too real...

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