21 May 2014

"A Magnus opus" – Forty 5 review Lay Llamas Ostro


Fade in. Cue the twinkles of sound and electronic ambience. Cue the thumping bass and cue the psychedelia. Introducing Gioele Valenti and Nicola Giunta. The Lay Llamas are here with their debut album ‘Ostro’. ‘We Are You’ was the first track we were to hear from the album (Listen below). The 7-minute-long beat oozing melody was also remixed by Tom Furse of The Horrors on the Llamas’ We Are You EP. Its a resonant flash of tribal fuzz and articulation. The formula of lyrics recited throughout is like a magic spell. One of the most compelling tracks of the album.

‘Ancient People of the Stars’ is a regression to King Tut’s era. The lyrics were even written in hieroglyphics – we joke, there are none, it is the infinitely instrumental precursor to ‘We Are You’ and a celestial opener to the album. The Sicilian duo were in fact influenced from bygone times.

Self-titled track ‘The Lay Llamas’ seems like a whole different story all together – twisted and cryptic and the most accelerated of ‘Ostro’. Every track has its own feel, its own spirit. The bass is a vivid and a colourful flow teamed with a layer of roaring enigmatic guitar and synth….

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