30 May 2014

Al Lover X Goat 12"

Label PNKSLM have just put an exciting 12" up for preorder….

It is a ltd 12" of Goat remixes by Al Lover…

The label has said the following:

Al Lover X GOAT: Limited Edition 12" EP
12" VINYL (Coloured/Haze effect)
***Limited to 300 copies***

For our fifth limited edition vinyl, we're proud to have brought together two of our favourite artists. Psychedelic producer Al Lover (San Francisco) has totally reworked six tracks from the critically acclaimed collective known as GOAT (Sweden). Pressed onto beautiful two-colour hazed 12" vinyl, and limited to just 300 copies, we recommend you act fast.

Order from here: PNKSLM

Be quick people…