25 Apr 2013

Treble website puts World Music in their '10 Essential Heavy Psych Albums'

This is what they say:

Goat – World Music
(2012; Rocket)
Nobody today is doing psychedelic rock better, weirder or with as much eclectic flamboyance as Sweden’s Goat. The group, whose masked and theatrical performances may or may not involve bellydancing, has made increasingly large ripples with their 2012 debut album World Music, and it’s easy to see why. There’s little music around today that sounds quite like it. And there’s little music from pretty much any era that sounds like it. There’s a thread through Goat’s grooves that connects Hendrix to Can to Fela Kuti to essentially anything with a fuzzbox and some grooves, and following just where it all goes turns out to be a pretty thrilling turn of events. They do blazing acid-doom on “Goatman,” heavy Afrobeat grooves on “Disco Fever” and garage funk on “Run to Your Mama.” It’s the meeting point between classic psychedelia and dance party, and it’s a wonder nobody came up with this potent a combination before.

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