28 Feb 2014

Rocket Probes February Playlist

Adrian Utley's Guitar Orchestra - In C Preview from Mintonfilm on Vimeo.

Music O Tunya
(Nice reissue of some fuzz filled afro rock)
Music O Tunya

Jakob Riis & Bill Hoirst – The Cessation Elegy

(The ex Magic Musician of Bukake Bill Horist and Jakob Riis take you on a very listennable journey of noise and drones using a myriad if instruments. On the great Lava Thief)
Jakob Riis

Pye Audio Corner – Black Mill Tapes Volumes 3 & 4

(Lovely analogue beats n soundscapes)
Pye Audio Corner

Terminal Cheesecake - Pony Boy

(Full on fuzz wah attack off their Angels In Pigtails album)
Terminal Cheesecake

Anasrenaria – Music for Fire Walkers

(Thanks to Teeth of the Sea's Mike Bourne for reccommending this great album of field recording repetition)

Container - Adhesive

(More kraut inspired industrial techno from the same label that brought us Powell's (game changing) track 'Fizz')

Ride - Smile

(Their fuzz noise pop has never sounded so good)

Various - Travel Expop #2

(Contains some stunning drones from Ben Nash and one of the best Mugstar tracks we have heard…on the great Hands in the dark)

Morgan Delt
(Kaleidoscopic psyche-pop)
Morgan Delt

Cavern of Anti-Matter - Acid Death Picnic
(Tim Gane of Stereolab’s Kraut Disco side project)
Cavern of Anti Matter

Toy - Conductor
(Part ‘Krautrock' by Faust with a little disco groove thrown in)

Low Point X - Some Truths
(Modular synths)

Low Point X

The Litter - Emerge
(Great 60’s garage fuzz pop)
The Litter