29 Oct 2010

Quietus review of Gnod at Supersonic

Manchester psych-rock collective Gnod believe in hitting a groove and staying there. Today seven strong, they generate a consuming mantra, a shamanistic melding of Hawkwind, Can, Happy Mondays and numerous more spiritual cultures. Time passes, and as the time for main stage headliners Godflesh approaches much of the audience begins moving reluctantly off. By this time however Gnod are locked into their most primal groove yet, the drummer beating an alternating snare and tom in much the same fashion as a Neanderthal with a pair of rocks, everyone else stupefied in a deepening trance state induced by hitting the same note over and over and over. It's hypnotic and exhilarating, but as the minutes pass the Godflesh reunion looms larger and the Quietus posse reluctantly take their leave. Gnod continue, quite literally lost in their own world – it would come as no surprise to discover that they are still playing now. [RH]

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