19 Dec 2014

Anthroprophh and Shit & Shine to play Desert Fest

We are excited to announce that Anthroprophh and Shit & Shine are joining Bong, Sex Swing, Sly and the Family Stone and others on The Quietus stage at Desert Fest on 25th April.

This is what they say:

Anthroprophh is the new(ish) project of Paul Allen of legendary stoner-rock band, The Heads. Their sound is a brilliant fusion of "kosmische drone and acid-frazzled guitar workouts" and is sure to be a hit in the intimate Underworld venue on Camden High Street. Says Joseph Burnett: "Anthroprophh essentially encapsulate the sound of modern psych-rock, as espoused by all those bands: it's heavy but subtle, driving but fleet-footed, taking in a range of moods and atmospheres, the kind of music you can head-bang to gleefully in a mosh pit, or be serenaded by as you while away a sleepless, hash-hazed night."

Shit and Shine, the brain child of Todd impresario Craig Clouse, "have been churning out hulking sonic spasms of unrelenting, loosely structured noise since 2004’s limited edition LP You’re Lucky To Have Friends Like Us... frequently featuring no more than guitars, oh, and about ten drummers." Says Cook: "SAS have crafted a real exploration of what it is to be alive; brutal, uncomfortable, often vial and deranged."

Find out more here: Desert Fest