30 Jun 2011

Rocket Probes June 2011 Playlist

Shiji Masuko – Woven Music
(Great droning guitar rhythms from ex Boredoms drummer on Oneida’s Brah records)

Lasers from Atlantis – Demos
(One of our fave London bands at the moment, heavy fuzzy keyboard driven psych/space/doom)

Prince Rama – Shadow Temple
(Tribal drums, fuzzy drones, spacey synths and choral chanting)

Master Musicians of Bukakke – Totem 3
(Third part of this great trilogy, like a John Carpenter film about Vikings traveling around the Middle East in search of UFO’s)

Mueran Humanos – Aujeros Blacos / La langosta
(The influence of Spacemen 3 is rife in Argentina...two great 15min tracks, first is a dark, droning yet very warm synth drones, followed by a track of more warmer keyboard drones with repetitive drum patterns and ethereal vocals)

Ensemble Economique – Psychial
(More synth soundscapes, though this sounds what you would get if John Carpenter lived in Cologne in the mid ‘70s with Teeth of the Sea living next door, on NNF)

Cherrystones – Blacker Forest
(Heavy fuzzy synths, guitar feedback and looping drums..has a bit of an early Main feel)

Le Stelle Di Mario Schifano - Dedicato
(The Italian's answer to Andy Warhol therefore draws parallels with the VU)

Jacky Chalard - Superman Supercool
(Kosmische disco rock from 1977)

Hookworms - S/T
(Leeds' very own Space (men3) Shjips)

György Ligeti - Jupiter and Beyond (2001 Suite)
(Taken out of context from the film, this lysergic magma of evolving sound feels even more frightening)

Captain Beefheart - Clear Spot / The Spotlight Kid
(The voice,
the rhythms, hit that long leaning note and let it float......)