11 Jun 2015

Lay Llamas Release 'Space Jungle Mantra'

Lay Llamas - Space Mantra

“Space Jungle Mantra” is a perfect description of the sonic experience that is the Lay Llamas. Originally, in the distant future, a mythical tribe of Nigerian time travellers... now an Italian afrofunk-space-psych outfit founded and led by Nicola Giunta with an evolving cast of musicians and collaborators. Last year they released their acclaimed debut album, “Ostro”, on Rocket Recordings and toured the UK in support of Swedish voodoo rockers, Goat, culminating in an unforgettable performance at London’s Roundhouse. Captured on digital multi-track the subsequent recording was just too good to only be shared with ‘friends and family’ and so we are making it available as a highly limited CD and a highly unlimited download. 

The album features songs from “Ostro”, previously unreleased songs and a unique prismatic remix by ‘Silent Panda | Deadly Panda’ (Luca Giovanardi, founding member of the italian psych-avant-rock band Julie’s Haircut). The remix takes every single instrument from every single channel, and merges rhythmic patterns, guitars and synths to create an alternative standalone track that (re)invokes the entire performance. 

“Space Jungle Mantra - Live at London Roundhouse”, will be released by 4 Zero Records on 21st June. The CD comes in a vinyl style gatefold sleeve with unique artwork by West Coast rock poster designer and artist, Stacie Willoughby.

Buy your copy here: 4zerorecords