31 Oct 2012

Orbit - A Show In Seven Parts - GNOD

Sounds From The Other City: Orbit - A Show In Seven Parts

“The Pope is excited, Bez is excited, The Queen is super excited, Damon is excited, even Barack is getting excited”


Sunday November 4th, Chapel St, Salford. 4pm-late

Sounds From the Other City and The Volkov Commanders join forces to launch you into orbit! 

Join them for an experimental live gig that rotates between venues and non-venues, taking you on a continuous journey across changing aural and visual landscapes. 

Featuring performances from:

Ed Schrader's Music Beat
Yola Fatoush
N. Racker
Queer'd Science 

Taking place on an orbital route through Islington Mill, St Phillips Church and the Old Pint Pot along Salford's Chapel Street.

Give yourself over and be guided through time and space in a whirlwind of one-off performances, wild costumes, dancing, mysterious choirs, ancient rituals, hypnotising sounds, glittering trophies, automated drones....and more!

All tickets must be exchanged for a wristband prior to 4pm. Entry in to this event has to be monitored, if you arrive late you will have to wait for an appropriate break enter the performance. 

Wristband exchange located at Islington Mill, James St, Salford