12 Oct 2012

Pitchfork review Goathead

Pitchfork have finally woken up to Goat and have written these words about the track Goathead:

"If, as Tom Krell opined, anonymity among bands is now passé, then surely boundless invention with backstory is the next logical step away from predictability. Goat, a collective of sorts from the northern Swedish hamlet of Korpilombolo, claim that their elders have performed under that name for many generations; this lot are just the latest kids of a tribe that were apparently deeply influenced by the arrival of a voodoo-practising witch doctor to the town many moons ago. Their tremendous first public release, World Music, makes their yarn the kind of myth you want to indulge irrespective of the facts: It weaves through disco, Afrobeat, yowling psych, and metal traditions, among others. "Goathead" blazes a psychedelic trail around a chanting, cackling female voice for a just plain gnarly song that owes as much to Fela Kuti and Funkadelic as it does Comets on Fire."

See what they say in full here