11 Sep 2018

FREQ reviews Julie's Haircut live in Bristol

They say:

The much-anticipated Julie’s Haircut were phenomenal live, each track coaxing you gently in to dynamically dispatch the goodness. A complex concoction of proggy poke and Suspiria-like sweeps that would burn up in a mesmerising maul of sirening guitars and saucy synth. Little imp(ish) leaps of improvised zeal goose-bumping the murmuring motorik, those delicious curvy nibbles of nebula expansion itching on though. Yeah, it was joy to take in.

The odd jazzy injection snaking in, lemonading the melodic manacles before spraying out in opiated orbits and creamy cosmic canters. That sticky metronomed chug of “Orpheus Rising” siphoning some mighty fine seventies-type balladry, full of Amon Düül II whispers and tilting stabs. Plenty of taut titillation and satisfying sway to their wares, but for me they really hit it when they found some sultry tribal colours and ran with them, the energy souring beautifully into a shit-storm of noisy sonics, Laura Agnusdei’s vocals transformed into ascending screams spiked in clawed electronics...

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