5 Nov 2021

The Quietus reviews GNOD's La Mort Du Sens

They say:

About a week ago, my friend Mike and my partner Kristen and I were searching YouTube for a moderately perverted German cartoon about a cat detective when the “listen again” queue caught my eye. There it was, the thumbnail of the music video / skate vid for Gnod’s grindingly heavy single, ‘Pink Champagne Blues’: a skateboarder crumpling mid-bail, nothing if not a perfectly composed HD rectangle of agony.

When it comes to skateboarding, I’m an idiot moth repeatedly singeing my antennae on an energy-saver bulb. As a thing, I can’t recall being unaware of it, although I clearly remember being transfixed by my much older cousin, in vert pads and bright shorts on a Vision board, freestyling in his driveway. I remember my seventh birthday, in the fall of ‘86, when he taught me how to skate. Skateboarding wasn’t cool then, and it especially wasn’t cool where I grew up. It certainly wasn’t socially accepted. It was a fringe thing, a type of flat-out rejection, an ideal way for a certain sort of kid to clearly articulate their philosophical position – “NO” – simply by being. I was never really any good, but I loved it then and I love it now, thirty-seven years later...

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