5 Nov 2021

Birthday Cake for Breakfast reviews GNOD's La Mort Du Sens

They say:

Though this is musically the complete opposite of the previous record, there are still equal levels of depth and intensity to be had on this new long playing effort from Salford based collective Gnod. We’ve had a few releases in the three years since the last Gnod album, but in terms of a proper record, 2018’s ‘Chapel Perilous‘ felt like an even more expansive trip into Gnod’s ever psychedelic experiments. But to me, ‘La Mort Du Sens‘ leans on the more urgent, noise rock stylings of 2017’s gargantuan ‘Just Say No to the Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine‘.

With the music recorded in a mill somewhere in Manchester at the back of 2019, ‘La Mort Du Sens‘ was completed last year with most of the vocal sessions taking place over lockdown. As expected, this is a record brimming with this ‘what the actual fuck is going on‘ attitude, as we cascade through seething vocals, walls of fuzzy guitars and an ever urgent rhythmic section...

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