21 Dec 2021

Listen to GOAT's October show at Plan B in Malmo in full


Legendary 'bootlegger' Mystery Jack recorded the whole of GOAT's first club show in over 3 years at Plan B In Malmo.


GOAT Live at Plan B- Malmö, Sweden (AUDIO ONLY)
October 23rd

00:00- Queen of the Underground 
06:52-  Disco Fever
13:04- Goatfuzz
17:52- Let It Bleed
22:05-Gathering of Ancient Tribes
27:25- Fill My Mouth
34:28- Golden Dawn
41:02- Let It Burn
46:20- Run to Your Mama
53:45- Talk To God

1:03:33- Peruanen
1:07:17- The Sun The Moon

The band only have one confirmed show for 2020, and it is looking like it will be their ONLY UK show next year:

August 25 / London / All Points East Festival  Tickets