31 Dec 2021

Rocket Probes – December 2021 Playlist

Rubber Oh – Little Demon
(Fuzz bass driven banger from Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs' Sam Grant's new band – great Richard Dawson/Pharaoh Overlord remix too!)

Various – The Life of an Uncultured Magician
(Great compilation put together by the wonderful Supernormal folks – contains possibly the best ever version of Tony's....those who know, knows!)

David Terry – Live at Cafe Oto

Faust – Punkt
(Listen to the fish)

John Dwyer & Friends – Gong Splat
(More high caliber explorations)

Mohammad Reza Mortazavi – Ritme Jaavdanegi
(Incredible rhythms – cheers to paddy for the nod)
Mohammad Reza Mortazavi 

My Disco – Alter Schwede
(Dark industrial noise and rhythms)

Ninos Du Brasil – Vida Eterna
(Organic techno textures)
Ninos Du Brasil

Anti Cimex – War Machine
(Another GÅS recommendation of Swedish filth)

Jim Coleman – The Unbelievable Truth
('Evol' sounds)
Jim Coleman

Sex Tide – Scorpion
(Nice fuzzed sounds on Feeding Tube)

Richard Youngs – CXXI
(Bit special this...)

Oren Ambarchi – Live Hubris
(Wicked grooves)
Oren Ambarchi

Maistah Aphrica – Meow
(African inspired Italian jazz-psych sounds)
Maistah Aphrica

The Slits – Earthbeat (7" version)
(Trippin' trippin' trippin')
The Slits

Mario Batkovic – Introspect
(Great new album on Invada)
Mario Batkovic

Mirage – Telepathic Radio
(Joe from Banshee's excellent psychedelic solo voyage)

Irreversible Entanglements – Open The Gates
(Cheers to Paddy from GNOD for also turning us on to this)

J.C. Heavy – is this really me
(Fuzz 'n hammond groove)
J.C. Heavy

Plastikman – Consumed
(Minimalist techno sounds...cheers to Mike Bourne for the recommendation)

El Michels Affair – Dhuaane
(Global fuzz)
El Michels Affair

Universally Estranged – Reared Up In Spectral Predation
(Spaced out death metal from Sweden)
Universally Estranged

Release Music Orchestra – Sundance
(Classic kraut(jazz)rock as recommended by Cherrystones)
Release Music Orchestra

Gökçen Kaynatan – Gökçen Kaynatan
(Turkish fuzzed electronics on Finders Keepers)
Gökçen Kaynatan 

Eli Kessler – Icons
(Conjuring-up a Jon Hassle vibe in places...another Mike Bourne tip)
Eli Kessler

Funeral Mist – Deiform
(Blackened sounds from Sweden....cheers to GÅS for the tip)

Wings – Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five
(Bit of a NYE banger for you)

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