15 May 2013

Glass magazine interviews Goat

The interviews with Goat are coming in thick and fast.

Here is a new one by the magazine Glass:

"After last year's universally worshipped World Music album, released on Rocket Recordings, voodoo magick collective GOAT are following up on June the 3rd with double A sided single, Stonegoat/Dreambuilding, another psyche-heavy bizarre-bazaar of bleeding cry baby guitars, mantra hurling and scattergun tribal grooves. Harking from the (indisputably real) village of Korpolombolo in North Sweden, a haunt fabled to have been jinxed by fleeing townspeople after they were invaded by Christian crusaders, identities in the band are vague but they are thought to be led by multi-instrumentalist Christian Johansson and two other possible Magi.

Live, they are assisted by a quartet of masked warriors and chiefs that exult in flurrisome union from the stage in a pleasingly unsettling rhythmic hallucinogen. You wouldn't be surprised if members of the audience, acolytes or converts, spontaneously fell to their knees and started joyously projecting in tongues.  This is a level of contrived mystique that Glass really enjoys.

Goat are so below the radar they're positively Stealth, but we managed an incredibly swift catch up with them between designated chanting sessions (and a tour of the U.S.) to quiz them about their new single and a visit to the pagan sites of England this Summer. These will include Camden's Electric Ballroom on the 27th of June with Teeth of the Sea and two shows at Glastonbury..."

Read the full interview here: Glass magazine

Photograph by PSquared