27 Jun 2013

Rocket Probes June Playlist

The Lay Llamas - Tape Crash (Split tape with Eugenoise)
(Our fave Italian band return with their second tape of grooved kosmiche gnodness, released on Old Bycycle Records...expect some Lay Llamas music out on Rocket later in the year)
Lay Llamas

Various – Thrash Metal Loser
(Mind blowing Thrash comp lovingly compiled by Invada boss and Goat Remixer Redg Weeks...you can get a FREE copy from here: 
Thrash Metal Loser

Hills – Live
(Cardinal Fuzz present two side long tracks from the mighty Hills on lovelly splattered vinyl...some exciting news about some forthcoming Hills releases on Rocket very soon!!)

Whirling Halls Of Knives – Devisions
(Essential new release from the great Trensmat...sound like a collaboration between Gnod and Moon Unit. Buy it today!!)
Whirling Halls of Knives

Run Dust – Decency Rally
(Talking of Gnod, here are some more great psyched out electronic sounds from their Tesla Tapes label)
Run Dust

The Asteroid No.4  – Dead Blues
(Nice Spacemen 3 meets Birds psych pop from a great little EP on the new Dock Ellis Records)
The Asteroid

Powell - Fizz
(Great 12 of 'Kraut not kraut' beats n' noise)

Crazy Elephant - Dark Part of My Mind
(A nice fuzzstepper)
Crazy Elephant

Medusa - First step beyond
(Contains some nice psyched out proto metal, in a similar vein to Dwarr...thanks to Goat for this find!! )

Satelliti - Transister
(Imagine 70's Miles and Gum takes Tooth locked in the same room together armed with uppers and downers)

Sand - Desert Navigation
(Keyboard driven desert kraut)

Portishead - Chase the Tear
(Electronic driving kraut pop)

Bokaj Retsiem - Psychedelic Underground
(Backwards guitars, need we say more)
Bokaj Retsiem