26 Jun 2013

Gnod present three new Tesla Tapes

Gnod's great Tesla Tapes label has three new tapes just released that we insist you buy right now!!

Nighthammer – Neu X  
For the uninitiated Nighthammer is the work of Tony Mountford from the label Noisestar, the band COVE and formally of Rocket band The Notorious Hi-Fi Killers. See the video for the first track here: Neu X
Listen and buy here (first track is amazing): Nighthammer

Black Tempest – Arcana
As you know we are big fans of Black Tempest and his kosmiche explorations, though for this release his new age space rock is replaced by some lovely lofi acidic rave
Listen and buy here: Black Tempest

Lightning Glove – Raving Peacocks Tail
Not someone we are familiar with but they are a band Gnod played with in the Czech Republic and left a big impression. And after a first listen we can see why!!
Listen and buy from here: Lightning Glove