14 Jun 2013

Gnod – residency at the Islington Mill

Gnod have been confirmed for a a special residency at Islington Mill in Salford

This is what is said about it on the Mill's site:

GNOD – Got No Obvious Destination Residency

For our very first music residency we have invited Gnod to take over the club space every Sunday - Wednesday from 1st July until 17th July. A music collective based at the Mill since 2006, they have stayed true to their vision of creating something from nothing, playing shows around the loose idea of believing in the power of people coming together to create a picture of the truth. Having toured extensively throughout UK & Europe the band have over 20 releases, their own tape label Tesla Tapes and are the heads behind the total art work, Gesamtkunstwerk (see July 5th).  

This residency consists of members of the extended Gnetwerk of friends, coming to the Mill to stay, work, find like-minded people as well as creating artwork and performance along the way.

From the 1st to the 9th Gnod bring Ken Wiatrek to the Mill, a Hamburg based artist and musician they’ve been in regular conversation with since meeting at Kutna Hora Festival, Czech Republic in 2010. Ken is “interested in creating a better world. Be that through education or culture” Having helped out Gnod they will be returning the favour whilst he creates new work at the Mill. 

The 8th & 9th see an exhibition of photographic landscapes by Sanna Charles, sound installations by Mark Wagner and live performance from S&M and “Finnish Doomers” Horse Latitudes celebrate the launch of a volume of work from the artists performing and exhibiting. Expect industrial yet pagan overtones.

On the 12th, Gnod are hosting a supper club with Jentle Ben and Olmos, come see her perform and taste how the gnetwork eat. Then on Sunday 14th Gnod host an open session where you can come and see them rehearsing before their London shows. 

Monday 15th sees the band combine with sound artist Callum Higgins (Baptists & Bootleggers/Yes Blythe) building on the work he presented during the Working Title residency and Development 3 show earlier this year. Higgins will transform the club space into a fully immersive, light reactive environment, the very presence and behaviour of the audience in the room will manipulate and shape the unique experience they have.

Finally on Tuesday 16th Gnod perform for Boiler Room at the bequest of The Wire magazine alongside the brilliant Kogumaza. In true 21st century style the event will be streamed live to the clubspace at Islington Mill and will include support from Yes Blythe and more TBC.

Tickets and information on the residency can be found here: Islington Mill

For up-to-date information from Gnod, visit: ingnodwetrust