19 Jun 2013

Cherry Coloured Funk interviews Goat


Goat are a shadowy collective hailing from darkest Sweden, specializing in fuzzed-up, whacked-out psychedelic rock that takes influence from a plethora of international genres without sounding like any of them. Their 2012 album “World Music” captured their raw, steaming jams in analogue crust, garnering them rave reviews as they churned up venues in a handful of live gigs. Coming off the back of a recent US tour and release of their “Stonegoat/Dreambuilding” 7”, we at Cherry Coloured Funk were lucky enough to be granted an interview with a member of the group, speaking under the alias of Captain Goatheart. The response we received was, in keeping with their public image, oblique, funny, laconic and beguiling.
In other interviews you’ve commented that your day-to-day activity involves a great deal of nudity. Why is it then that you decide to cover up so much on stage?
- Goatheart – Well, I guess at home you walk around nude sometime but when you leave your flat you put on some clothes? The reason you do that is the same reason to why we wear clothes in public too.

Are there initiation rites for members of Goat?
- No.

Your music and live shows display a profound interest with occult lore and voodoo. Was your music borne out of such a fascination or did you decide to incorporate it into an already fleshed-out sound?- Our sound, our history and our beliefs are one. There is nothing more to say about that really.

Sweden has a rich tradition of fuzzy psychedelic bands, from 70’s masters like Baby Grandmothers and Parson Sound to Dungen. Do you identify yourselves with this tradition or take influence from it in any way? What is it about Swedish climes that produce bands such as yours and the ones mentioned above?

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