14 Apr 2014

Seattle Times interviews Goat

Ahead of tonights show in Seattle, here is an interview by the Seattle times with Goat:


"Among music nerds, it’s a fun exercise: play some friends an ahead-of-its-time record — like Can’s 1971 Krautrock landmark “Tago Mago” or Big Star’s 1972 power-pop blueprint “#1 Record” — and ask what year they think it’s from.

Goat’s “World Music” inverts this game.

Made in 2013 — but sounding pre-digital era — it’s a dizzying amalgam of hypnotic rhythms, childlike vocals, bongos, organ and wah, drawing upon everything from progressive rock to Indian raga and West African guitar music.

The Swedish group inked a Stateside distribution deal with Seattle’s Sub Pop label last month; they’re in town Monday, headlining Neumos.

Enigmatic types to say the least, Goat doesn’t divulge involved parties’ names — but an anonymous member, speaking on the band’s behalf, answered a handful of questions via email.

“World Music” has such a unique blend of influences. When did you start developing this style? What came first, the name or the band?

The way we see it, mankind is one and all human cultures and musical expressions are for every human to enjoy. The music we make belongs just as much to someone in Samoa as in Sweden — that makes the evolution go forward — so we choose to view all music as world music. This way of looking at human cultures, music, spirituality, evolution, etc. came before the band for sure. Still, Goat is a very old tradition, and we have always made music with an openness to be influenced from whatever we like. Music [is] just tones and rhythms floating around. Dig it...."

Read the full interview here: Seattle Times

And those of you lucky enough to be going to the show, make sure you check out Holy Wave and Midday Veil, two great bands in support!!!