10 Apr 2014

Anthroprophh release ultra ltd cdr – 'SRR2'

Anthroprophh are producing an ultra ltd (first press only 33 copies, followed by a larger second press at a later date) tCD of unique music called 'SRR2' to to help fund their forthcoming European shows:

June 6th
Eindhoven Psyche Lab
Eindhoven – Netherlands
(w/ Teeth of the Sea/Gnod/Lay Llamas/Terminal Cheesecake)
More info and tickets

June 7th
Rocket Showcase
Brussels – Belguim
(w/ Teeth of the Sea/Gnod/Lay Llamas)
More info and tickets

June 8th

June 9th

June 18th
(w /Electric Moon)

To preorder a copy visit the bands Facebook page: Anthroprophh

Also, news on Anthroprophh's follow up to their 2012 debut album will be announced soon. We at Mission Control have heard the final mixes and it is fair to say the band have produced a fierce monster!!