15 Apr 2014

APRIL 19th – RECORD STORE DAY: Teeth of the Sea - A Field In England Re-Imagined

For those who missed our original post, Rocket Recordings are proud to present a limited Record Store Day LP release of Teeth of the Sea’s re-imagined score to Ben Wheatley’s metaphysical midnight movie A Field In England, available worldwide on the 19th April.

This work sees London’s most adventurous and intrepid psychedelic adventurers allying motifs and psychic spectres from Jim Williams and Blanck Mass music and reinterpreting them to their own ends, arriving at a bold and richly atmospheric transmission that takes the rites and revelations of the original work into pastures new.

Originally spurred into action by a commission for Cork Film Festival in November 2013, w
ho are incredibly proud to have commissioned the event from the off especially as it will never be performed again, read what Cork Film Festival have to say about the RSD release here.

Teeth of the Sea’s goal was to take the mind-games, the malevolence and the magick of the film as fuel for a work that exists on a parallel dimension to the earthen realm on which the protagonists carry out their actions. 

Housed in a sleeve featuring all-new artwork by Rocket Recordings seer Johnnyo, and available in a limited edition on thick red wax, A Field In England: Re-imagined represents that psychic quest made gloriously manifest.

Open Up, And Let The Devil In.