31 Mar 2014

Rocket Probes March Playlist

Lay Llamas – Future Desert Days
(Great new track of krauted out Spacemen 3 pop by Lay Llamas that will feature on a ltd tape comp of italian psych bands that are playing the up-and-coming Thalassa Festival)
Thalassa Festival

Holy Wave – Relax
(Goat's US touring partners return with their second album of great Velvets/Byrds/Elevators/Beatles/Spacemen 3 pop!!!)
Holy Wave

Montibus Communitas – Harvest Times
(Nice Far East Family Band sounding commune psych)
Montibus Communitas

Mark Wagner  – Mental Transmutation
(Nice tape on Zam Zam...Sunday Mourning/**K's Mark Wagner creates mediative sounds that are somewhere in between Gnod and 80's John Carpenter)
Mark Wagner

The Diaphanoids – LSME
(Nice track of repetitive beats and fuzzy electronics/guitar drones)
The Diaphanoids

Graham Central Station – Tell Me What It Is
(Great repetitive, machine-funk groove)
Graham Central Station

Suprise Party – Cut Me
(Nice bit of psych pop)

Sundaze – Ok/Then
(Fuzzy suicide)

Stanford Clarke – The Fool
(Country Fuzz!!!!)
Stanford Clarke

Inutili – Fry Your Brain
(Lo-fi, repetitive, noise groove)

Metzengerstein – Her Golden Juice
(Primitive hypnotic noise)

Sleaford Mods – Austerity Dogs
(Fat Paul recommended this to us…imagine The Fall and The Country Teasers meets John Cooper Clark meets Frank Sidebottom…or something like that anyway)
Sleaford Mods

Joakim Skogsberg – Offer Rota
(Repetitive rhythms and fuzzed cello, reminds of fellow Swedes International Harvester)
Joakim Skogsberg

Signal – Robotron
(Minimal hypnotic electronica)

Crosby Stills and Nash – CS&N
(1960's explorations into three part harmonies)
Crosby Stills and Nash

Jan Dukes De Grey – Mice and Rats in the Loft
(Acid folk fuzz way)
Jan Dukes De Grey