17 Mar 2015

Listen to Bass Clef remix of Hey Colossus

The Ransom Note are premiering a great 14minute remix of Hey Colossus track Wired Brainless by Modular dance guru Bass Clef.

This is what they say:

As the general R$N go-to-guy when it comes to guitar music, I can indeed confirm that Hey Colossus are out there making some mighty fine music and their murky, psychedelic sound that even the most hardened of Ransom Note alumni wouldn't mind getting deep in their ears.

They've got the sort of sounds that would just as soon send you deaf as they would send your mind to a higher place, the sheer intensity of their music fills every last pocket of space within your body and sets you up for a journey that you'll never be able to repeat again. Or some shit like that.

We're bringing you the excellent Bass Clef remix of the ban's track 'Wired Brainless' which clocks in at just over the 14 minute mark - so strap yourself in and get this beauty down you, it's a quarter of an hour of top sounds;

Listen to it here: The Ransom Note