23 Sep 2010

Rocket Probes September 2010 Playlist

Gnod – Supernormal set

(Thanks to the guys from Bong for this...it was a mind blowing set, so nice to relive it, maybe the best ever version of ‘Tony’s first disco’ that has been captured too...)

Various – Light Sounds Dark Presents Sherm Sticks and Other Nasty Joints / Return of the Sherm

(Some great fuzzed out rock stompers on these two comps...love the sleazy sleeves too)

Ngozi Family – 45,000 Volts

(Chris Zebby’s backing band let rip...like Zebby’s great album, this contains some great fuzz and spaced out wah, but with even more grooved out bass lines!)

Various – Menagerie

(Interesting vinyl only comp that comes with an art book, worth checking out for the Moon Duo track)

Far East Family Band – Parellel World

(Great album of kosmiche psychedelia...like the best bits of Tangerine Dream)

Shit Magnet – In Session 62

(Ridiculously fuzzed out instrumental punk with bonkers squidgy electronica over the top, sadly unreleased (at the moment), but looking forward to hearing more from this mysterious group of freaks)

Mugstar - Lime

(More stellar sonic adventures from Liverpool's finest, including some recent live favourites & 'Serra' a great Kraut shift in gear)

Oneida / Pterodactyl - The Green Corridor Series 1

(Oneida drop down a level to reveal a more ambient soundtracked side. On the flip Pterodactyl cover 'I See You' off the best Byrds album & then shoegaze into some backwards guitar loops)

Fuzzy Lights - Twin Feathers

(Psyche Folk, Americana & Noise in the vein of Godspeed You Black Emperor & Dirty Three)

Fern Knight -

(Like the first Espers album, it also echoes the spirit of the 70's British Psyche Folk, check out the track 'From Zero to Infinity')

Akira Ishikawa & Count Buffalo - Uganda

(Psychedelic whirlwind of Afro-tribal percussive fuzz blowouts)