6 Oct 2016

Clunk mag gives Requiem a 10/10 review

It reads

Rating: 10/10
Goat‘s music is that of wonder, mystery and shamanic rituals all blended into a beautiful ball of twisted Earth inspired psychedlia. That’s my take at least. Truth is though, each person defines their music in a different way which is a testament to how special and wonderful their music is. Their third installment ‘Requiem’ is considered their “folk” album; but truthfully that is too ambiguous, through the album there are elements of jazz, psych, and world music, and voodoo-esque fuzzy shamanic freakouts.

Opening track ‘Union Of Sun and Moon’ is a beautiful dance between acoustic guitar and pan flute, whilst ethereal vocals float on the top. Followed by the lead single ‘I Sing In Silence’ another pan flute extravaganza draped in a sheet of tranquility that continues through to never ending instrumental of ‘Temple Rythms’. A most-welcomed tangent that involves ritualistic drums and an uplifting flute…

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