10 Oct 2016

Pitchfork reviews Goat's Requiem

It reads:

The ritualistically anonymous GOAT return with a double album of psychedelia rendered primarily with acoustic elements. Though still veiled, they reveal more of their heart and personality than ever.

Whether they’re parlaying their carefully cultivated mystique into pop stardom, or just outed by the press, camera-shy buzz acts generally don’t stay anonymous for long. But the masked members of GOAT have now made it to their third album without breaking character or being doxxed, which is no small achievement for a self-mythologizing entity in the age of oversharing. And even if they’re the only ones still recounting their incredulous origin story with a straight face (or a mask depicting a straight face), GOAT are still clinging the conceit, and to this day, interviews with the band put journalists in the awkward position of picking up the phone and asking to speak with somebody named Fuzzmaster…

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