17 Mar 2016

Tesla release AHRKH WAGNER tape

Tesla say:

Tesla Tapes has been waiting for another AHRKH release since 2014 and what a joy it was when this beauty landed. This is AHRKH aka Alex Macarte (From Gnod), teamed up with his spiritual brother from the universal Mother, Mark Wagner (From H.UM./Gnod/Moon Ra etc). 

Anyone who was lucky enough to catch their UK tour in 2015 will remember the blistering intensity and dynamic sense of unity created during their live show. Luckily they have managed to carry that across with great aplomb on these recordings. Extremely honoured to be releasing this, the cassette is adorned once more by the beautiful artistry of Rachel Goodyear. 

here are 2 excellent videos made to go with the release by the supremely talented KHOM VISUAL:



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