31 Mar 2016

Rocket probes – March playlist

The Myrrors – Arena Negra
(Probably the closest thing you are gonna hear to International Harvester...amazing stuff!)
The Myrrors

The Oscillation – Monographic
(New album of repetitive psych rock on Hands in the Dark)
The Oscillation

Howes – 35 Degrees
(Real nice modular grooves)

Holy Wave – Evil hits / Relax
(Really great Birdsy, Beatlesy, Barretty, Velvetsy fuzz pop...perfect Spring listening)
Holy Wave

Lard Free – III
(Nice to get this 70's french psych synth on vinyl and hear how it should sound)
Lard Free

Lucidvox – My your land
(Really nice debut album by this Russian band...like Goat meets Loop meet Siouxsie Sioux)

Black Tempest – Enfolding light
(Black Tempest returns with more outer planetary synth excursions)
Black Tempest

Can – Star of bethlehem
(Amazing different version of the great Can track from a digital comp called 'Rare'...killer Jaki hip-hop beat)
(can't find a link online for it)

Oneida – Enemy hogs
(Where it all began...been giving this great debut album lots of spins this month - about time this got a vinyl reissue!!)

The Revolutionary Army of Infant Jesus – Mirror
(Dave from Flying Saucer Attack turned us onto this back in the Revolver days...a unique album of repetition, psych-noise, ethereal pop, industrial, avant exploration etc)
The Revolutionary Army of Infant Jesus 

Ornette Coleman – Rock the clock
(Some nice fuzz wah free jazz from the album Science Fiction)
Ornette Coleman

Far East Family Band – Parallel World
(Great kosmiche psych excursions from Japan)
Far East Family Band

The Beatles – Blue Jay Ray (800% slower)
(One of our fave ever Beatles songs turned into an ethereal drone)
The Beatles