11 Oct 2013

Teeth of the Sea - MASTER - Vinyl Missing Insert

For all those who have ordered or bought Teeth of the Sea - MASTER vinyl copies, we regret to announce that the manufacture messed up the orders and didn't include the insert we printed when packing the records.

For anyone who has already bought a copy either email
RocketRecordings_Shop@yahoo.co.uk and we will post you one while stocks remain or go back to the shop you bought it from as we are sending them to the shops too (next week).

Huge apologies for this mistake...it was out of our hands but we want to try and put it right to the best of our abilities as the 'package' of an LP is as important as the music.

For all those waiting for copies of the Teeth of the Sea's album MASTER from our shop, the mistake made by the manufacture will be rectified by us this week so we will be mailing out all albums ASAP, sorry for the mistake, we've worked fast to sort it out ourselves & have printed somemore to send out with the skrinkwrapped vinyl copies.

Thanks for your patience.