30 Nov 2012

Rocket Probes November Playlist

Thought Forms - Ghost Mountain
(Great new album from this Invada band, crushing MBV guitar noise, Bardo Pond psych and Sonic Youth grunge collide to create a stunning and unique collection of songs) 

thought forms

Beak> - Mono / Kenn
(Great pop tune from Beak>, out soon on 7" (Invada) with Rocket artworked cover art.)

Cove - Ancient Circuits
(A band that consists of a Notorious Hi-Fi Killer, Hills have Riffs and an ex Bad Guy...two side length tracks that take you on a great journey through the many realms of psych/space/drone/doom rock. It's currently unreleased and looking for a label to give it a home?) 


Vision Fortune - Live '98
(great tour cd from one of our fave UK bands around at the moment, cant wait to hear the album) 

vision fortune

Idea Men - ?
(side project by Hookworms, 5 tracks of great grungey garage)

Jade - Paperman
(Impossible to find killer fuzz rock 7", with stonking groove to it, fills the floor at every 'Nothing is...' when it is let out of the bag)


Plant and See - Witches Brew
(It's all about the grooved out drums...another Nothing is...' fave!!)

plant and see

Cluster/Eno - Live in Paris 1977
(The incredibly poor quality of this recording makes it a very eerie but highly enjoyable listen) 

cluster / eno

Pure X - Pleasure
(Nice fuzzy indie with some good VU and Space Needle nods)  

pure x

Spider King - Animals
(Really great Silver apples sounding fuzz psych pop...what Beak would sound like if they came from Manchester in the '70s) 

spider king

John Berberian - Middle Eastern Rock
(The Oud & the Fuzz, need we say more)

john berberian

Orient Express -
(More east meets west psychedelia on this 'Train to Bombay')

orient express

Miles Davis - Bitches Brew
(Really been getting back into this album, just for Lenny White – drum set – left,
Jack DeJohnette – drum set – right and Don Alias on congas, alone) 

miles davis

Labradford - Prazision
(Across between Mogwai and Bark Psychosis)

Jessamine - Jessamine
(Another Kranky band from mid 90's throwing shoegaze in with Irmin Schmidt keyboard wiggles)