14 Nov 2012

South African Website Mahala interviews Goat

Here is another great interview with Goat:

"Goat is a new band from Sweden, they released their first album just last month. After hearing the band for the first time during an intermission at the Bohemian in Joburg, I made sure that the DJ who played their music sent me the album the very next day. I was fascinated that a Swedish band is doing the sort of thing that should be quite endemic to South Africa: an afrobeat canvas colored by the many hues of 70s psychedelic rock and the heathen screeches of a female voodoo singer.

Sadly, no local band (at least none that I’ve heard so far) has ever attempted, and I guess, even contemplated creating the sound that Goat seems to produce so easily. It could be that our white musicians (I’m of course generalizing here) rarely look toward West Africa for inspiration, and far too often dip their creative wicks in the whitetrashdom of America’s Southern States, and it seems like the new generation of black musicians peer more towards Cuba and Salsa than Haiti and Rara..."

Read this great interview in full here Mahala