27 Nov 2012

Indie Moines makes Goat their album of the year

Website Indie Monies makes Goat their album of the year...this is what they say:

With that sense of always looking forward in mind, it tickles me to name a debut long-player by a band I’d neither heard nor heard of six months ago as the best that 2012 had to offer. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you World Music by Goat, which I dub Album of the Year for 2012:

Goat’s “World Music,” the Indie Moines/J. Eric Smith Album of the Year for 2012. Click toat, World Music: Goat are a three-piece band in the studio and a seven-piece collective onstage who claim to come from a tiny town in Northern Sweden called Korpolombolo, in which a mystical Witch Doctor from distant ages past allegedly established a thriving voodoo cult that permeates local thought, music and culture to this day. I buy that they are from Sweden, but the rest of it, okay, that’s your story and you’re sticking to it, I get it. The band’s publicity construct is amplified by their use of masks and costumes onstage that actually do evoke a weird blend of radically disparate Nordic and Caribbean cultures. Regardless of how, where and why it was created, Goat’s music is sublime and exciting, offering a bizarre melange of conga-driven tropical rhythms and melodies taken straight from the NorthSide back catalog, tweaked with fuzztone bass and guitar, and with energetic female vocals atop the whole mess exhorting you to shake your sexy parts in a language that may or may not be some combination of English, Swedish, Ululation or Glossolalia. I can’t really understand many of the words, but I get the meaning and the vibe behind them, and I love the mood evoked by those declamations and the music that frames them. World Music doesn’t sound like anything I’ve ever heard before, and I suspect that there aren’t going to be many things in the months ahead that sound like it either, unless and until Goat get their sophomore disc out into the public domain. Exceptional. Exciting. And easily the best that 2012 has to offer from where I sit. Well done! Congratulations! And thank you to the mysterious masked musicians who gave us this disc. You’ve truly made something remarkable for the ages, and your Swedish Voodoo Witch Doctor forebears must be very proud indeed.

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