11 Nov 2012

Goat's World Music Gets Bent

Here is a another good review we have found of Goat's World Music:

"A dirty little secret not often disclosed to the music-listening public by people who write about music is that releases often get more than their fair share of hype for no better reason than because they’re easy to write about. Fungi Girls: teenagers from Texas who sound like GBV. Ice Age: teenagers from Denmark who sound like drunk Fugazi. Such laziness is partially excusable in a no-money field where one is routinely asked to differentiate between things that are roughly similar, are always at least somewhat derivative of other things, and which will all be best judged by time plus word of mouth anyway. The risk of glibly hyping such no-brainer combinations of storyline and sonic reference point is a disservice to not only other deserving releases, but also the release in question: easy-to-write-about albums are fodder for the backlash mill like no other category of music.

Well, get ready, because World Music by Goat is definitely easy to write about..."

See the full review here Get Bent