22 Apr 2020

Turn-up the volume says some words about Sex Swing's new single 'Skimmington Ride'

They say:

London based noiseninks SEX SWING feature members of implicitly trusted yet
sonically nefarious outfits Mugstar, Part Chimp, Earth, Dethscalator & Dead Neanderthals“. They release their new 7-track album, TYPE II on 15 May via Rocket Recordings but firsta new cut, the third, from the forthcoming longplayer.

‘Skimmington Ride’ is a merciless killer juggernaut, an ongoing motorik and spine-tingling Krautrock serpent that moves at the speed of a crushing roller on the run. Adding a freakish sounding saxophone increases the psychotic resonance. To achieve the ideal effect of this mental crackerjack it is best to listen to it with the lights off in the dark, unless you don’t like horrifying music. Hell bloody yeah!

Here’s the hellraiser…

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