27 Apr 2020

Flowers Must Die side project Fria Konstellationen release album on Golden ratio Frequencies

Flowers Must Die side project Fria Konstellationen have released an album of music onAlex from GNOD's label Golden Ratio Frequencies, they say:

GOLDEN RATIO FREQUENCIES is excited to welcome Swedish/London/Berlin freeform collective FRIA KONSTELLATIONEN to our label family. 

Formed in 2002 in Linkoping, Sweden, both the music and lineup of this amorphous collective has mutated through multiple metamorphoses. In their native Swedish, Fria Konstellationen means ‘Free Constellation,’ an apt name for this collective, which has seen over 20 players orbit around styles ranging from improvised noise maximalism to motorik-driven minimalism, from kosmische synth drones to Fahey/Fushitsusha-styled ragas and everything in-between.

After a nearly decade-long hiatus, and now solidified around members of Flowers Must Die (Rocket Recordings) and Skeppet (No Not Fun), Fria Konstellationen returns from the etheric realms of time and space with their new album, Nattens Ryggrad.

Find out more and buy from here: Golden Ratio Frequencies